• “Heal your Life” - Workshop Coaching

    Louise Hay method, pioneer of personnal developpement.

    Hosted by Naima Zerouali

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  • Tao & Yin Yoga - Workshops

    Hosted by Stéfani Pacifico

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  • M.B.S.R. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

    Hosted by Françoise Stueckelberger

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    Mindfulness background

Tao & Yin Yoga

Tao, a spiritual path supporting in a simple and modern fashion our existential aspirations

led by Stéfani Pacifico

Workshop (3h) = 70.-
Yoga Tao Yin (1h30)= 25.-
Combo workshop + Yoga = 85.-
-10% for each person you sign up

Tao Yin Yoga:
Yin yoga is suitable for everyone. It stimulates the body’s energies and their flow through all the meridians.

The postures are performed on the ground and we can help with accessories (blocks, blankets, straps, cushions …). It is an extremely gentle yoga practice, developing flexibility, strength and flexibility and establishing harmony between body and mind. Each course focuses on the theme of the previous workshop but can be followed independently.

• Samedi 25 Mai 2019

14H à 17H: Atelier Tao féminin- « Introduction à l’Oeuf de Yoni »
Atelier féminin d’initiation au travail d’alchimie des émotions.
Phases alternées de danse, de repos, d’étirements et de méditations énergétiques qui réveillent les sources pétillantes féminines, couronnées d’une introduction aux pratiques de l’Oeuf de Jade (Oeuf de Yoni).

18h-19h30: Tao Yin Yoga

• Samedi 29 juin 2019

14H à 17H: Atelier Tao – Thème « Le Feu du Coeur »
En Été, l’énergie cosmique est au maximum de sa nature YANG, c’est l’achèvement de la croissance et l’épanouissement . Notre atelier sera axé sur l’énergie reliée à l’élément FEU et à l’organe du coeur, creuset alchimique de toutes nos émotions et sentiments.

18h-19h30: Tao Yin Yoga


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

New Session after the summer, dates to be confirmed

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week program that introduces you to mindfulness practice in the form of sitting meditation, body awareness, and mindful movement, modeled by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. This program can help if stress is having a negative impact on your life, if you are experiencing chronic physical or mental distress, or if you are simply interested in learning ways to maintain health and well-being.

MBSR is an evidence-based training for use in daily life and to help navigate life’s inevitable difficulties. Developing a mindfulness practice helps create greater awareness of the ways unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can undermine emotional and physical health.

Image mindfulness stress reduction

KEEP CALM – coaching workshops (in French)

Led by Barbara Reibel, life Coach, writer & blogger


May 18th, 14h-16h30 : Boostez votre confiance en vous

June 22nd, 14h-16h30 : C’est l’été, désencombrez !

Boost your self confidence
– Control your doubts
– Succeed in your projects
– Take back the control of your life

Summer declutter
– Tidy up your interior
– Simplify your life
– Review your priorities

Why Barbara Reibel for our Happiness workshops

Through a few links and testimonials (in French)

Barbara’s books on Amazon

Her website: The happiness factory


Zoom sur « The happiness factory »
“Barbara Reibel nous régale de son expérience en développement personnel, avec 21 exercices de coaching dans un livre très coloré et plein de pep’s. Elle a tout prévu pour qu’ils soient faciles à réaliser au quotidien, de façon à ce que nous ne puissions plus nous trouver d’excuses.”

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