Personal development

Group Classes, (Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Impro, Sophrology, Relaxation …), Workshops (MBSR …), Consultations (Coaching, Nutrition, Reiki …)

Manon Renard

Psychologist, certified TBT practitioner

Stress Management
Tame your emotions and foster self-confidence.

Passionate about the human psychological mechanisms, Manon is interested in the various therapeutic means to find a balance in life while promoting the best of oneself. After a Master’s degree in Psychology, she focused on personal development techniques and quickly realized that the process of personal fulfillment was often slowed down, even blocked, by a fabric made of traumas, emotional shocks and misrepresentations of reality.

Individual sessions to eliminate traumas & emotional shocks immediately and permanently using the Trauma Buster Technique (TBT).
How to be happy if our past continually sends us back, consciously or unconsciously, to unresolved trauma and old patterns?

Dominique Rentsch

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga: awaken your energy

You find it difficult to maintain a routine at home? Come and practice Kundalini yoga with a group, before going to work, to raise your energy, stretch and strengthen your body, or after work to relax, breathe and meditate.

This very holistic yoga is accessible to all, regardless of your age, flexibility level, strength, whether you already have practiced or not. Come and try and you will see that your day is not the same!

Kundalini yoga works to awaken that energy, systematically, pose after pose, along the chakras (main energy points in the body). An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

When we have a good energy, we live fully! 

Sophrologie-Helene Thammavong

Hélène Thammavong

Sophrologist, facilitator of well-being and motivation

Initiation to Sophrology: Confidence and opportunities
Awareness and strengthening of potential

Initiation to Sophrology: Stress Management 
Improve sleep, relationships …

Sophrology is a set of deep relaxation techniques, an alliance of meditation and hypnosis. Based on breathing, muscle contraction and mental visualization, it allows the body and mind to relax. The sophrologist guides with his voice to help develop inner resources. The goal of sophrology is mainly to manage your emotions, gaining confidence, finding your potential and arm yourself against important situations.

“Nobody can save us but ourselves … Nobody can, and nobody will do it for us … We have to walk our own path.” Buddha

Facilitator in wellness and motivation, my goal is to help you find your own keys to well-being. Happiness is cultivated from the inside! 

Vanessa Krivaja

Comedian and Certified Coach

Happy Impro Family

Happy Impro 

Vanessa discovers theatrical improvisation in Brussels in 2010 … love at first sight! She experiences, both personally and professionally, its benefits: being more comfortable speaking, letting go to reduce stress, improving relationships through notions such as listening, co-creativity or acceptance; learn to bounce back from the unexpected to seize opportunities and use humor to defuse conflict. After a few years of practice, she decides to make a job of it.

Also a Certified Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), she now offers workshops using theatrical improvisation as a personal development tool to optimize one’s personal and professional well-being.

photo Françoise Stueckelberger

Françoise Stueckelberger

Clinical Psychologist, Logopedist and MBSR Instructor

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

Françoise leads adult MBSR groups and mindfulness groups for children with ADHD and anxiety disorders. She collaborates in teaching in the CAS Mindfulness of the University of Health of Geneva (HES).

The MBSR program focuses on the practice of mindfulness meditation. It aims to develop a particular quality of attention in the present moment, thanks to simple exercises within the reach of all. Created by Jon Kabat-Zinn (USA), this program is validated by numerous scientific studies that testify to its important benefits in various medical, somatic or psychic conditions such as stress, anxiety, dermatological problems, mood disorders, disorders cardiac, chronic pain and respiratory disorders.

Linda Chenaf

Lynda Chenaf

Transpersonnal Coach, Energy Therapist

SoHappy Morning (Monday 7h)
Happily yours (Monday 8h)
My body and I (Thursday 12h)
Develop your intuition (Thursday 13h)
My chakras and I (Friday 17h)
Bye bye blockages (Friday 18h)

Passionate about the potential of human power and the awakening of consciousness.

Since childhood, Lynda observes human behavior in the face of one’s emotions, challenges, doubts, family, socio-cultural or religious limitations and then observes what one chooses to create: separation, exclusion from Self and of the Other, judgments, diseases, resilience …

After an atypical career and a work on self-acceptance, Lynda has chosen since 2014 to facilitate the transformation of Beings and Bodies through various tools, including  coaching and care for motivated people who wish to take charge of their life.

She continues in parallel her job as a trainer and the creation of therapeutic jewelry.

In her SoHappy classes, she will give you a maximum of keys to reach your succesful potential with ease and joy.

photo Yoga Sophie Berdoz

Sophie Berdoz

Vinyasa yoga teacher, relaxologist, bio energy therapist

Vinyasa Yoga 

Passionate about movement and the body-mind relationship, Sophie teaches vinyasa yoga, a fluid and dynamic practice based on the synchronization between breath and postures. She promotes an atmosphere based on kindness, tolerance and listening to your body.

Also a psycho-corporal and bioenergetic relaxologist, she offers relaxation classes to better manage stress. All her practice is influenced by the deep desire to share various resources and to move towards a harmonious relationship with the body.

Angelo Ravano

Yoga and Body Awareness

Class: Power Yoga and body awareness

Angelo has been practicing various movement related disciplines for almost 10 years, a passion developed during his time in Brazil. He now teaches a practice based on ancient yoga asanas (poses), combining body and breathing exercises, in a fun atmosphere. Your flexibility, tone and good mood will thank you for your participation. Beware, this class is very dynamic and recommended if you’re in good physical shape.

Angelo’s currently training in the DeRose method, which has its roots in yoga, yet has distanced itself from the modern associations that we in the West have with yoga. The exercises, or asanas, are just part of a greater philosophy, bringing it closer to a holistic ancient wisdom.

We encourage wou to read more about it or simply ask Angelo about it.

Nathalie Huguenin

Dancer, Choreographer

Class: Dance, body expression

Professional dancer since the age of 12, then choreographer and teacher, with experiences in Switzerland, France or Spain, Nathalie is passionate about body language and teaching.

She invites you to rediscover and reclaim your body in the movement, to better understand the very space in which you operate. The goal is to DANCE with pleasure, gratitude and without judgment.

Stephen Wainwright

Buddhist meditation & MBSR

Stephen first learnt Buddhist philosophy and meditation in India in 1992, and has since been fortunate to receive teachings from many great teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and American nun Venerable Thubten Chodron.

He also studied Buddhist philosophy at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and completed two 2-year study courses: “Foundation of Buddhist Thought” (at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London) and “Masters in Wisdom” (at the University of Sant’Anna in Pisa Italy). He has led discussion groups and been an online tutor.

Stephen is also certified to teach the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course by the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and has been co-facilitating MBSR courses with Geneva Mindfulness since 2014.

Emna Belgasmi

Life Coach for Expats

Happiness for expats ( English)

Having lived in 10 countries on 4 continents, Emna is a happy ‘’ expat expert’, familiar with the challenges and opportunities of ‘’starting over’’.

Her expat life has been all about getting to know others and herself. It made her happier, more mindful and appreciative of life and the possibility for change. She recently decided to shift her career from Communications for the United Nations to be a Life Coach for Expats (Swiss certificate).

Silvia Vernaschi

Mindfulness & parent coaching

Class: Self-care circles for Mothers

Mothering is magic and tiring, it’s a privilege and a challenge. Mothers need to re-charge their batteries and nurture themselves to be able to take care of their children.
We meet for one hour to reconnect with our body and mind, share the joy and challenges of being a Mom.
Carve out one hour for your self: might feel hard, though you deserve it!

Class: Mindfulness meditation drop in (Thursday 20-21)
Mindfulness meditation sessions for those interested in practicing mindfulness, everyone is welcome!

Silvia is passionate about designing well-being programs and workshops to support people reconnect with their body and mind. She is trained to teach mindfulness techniques to children, teens and adults and experienced herself the transformative power of mindfulness. Silvia teaches the MBSR program and is committed to daily practice, regular retreats and ongoing personal and professional development.

She trained with the MiSP, and Mindful Schools to teach mindfulness to children.
PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Silvia works with parents from different countries combining mindfulness and coaching techniques to tap into their inner strengths and wisdom, to help them rediscover the joy of parenting.

She works with schools, individuals and organizations.

François Roch

Coaching Nutrition

Class: Coaching Nutrition – Eat wiser

François is an independent coach with a Master’s degree in coaching and a certified NLP / INLPTA practitioner. He identifies, uses and develops your strengths, so that change takes place. Through powerful questioning, it allows everyone to awaken their conscience and discover personal solutions to their difficulties.

His classes are in the form of interactive debate workshops, alternating science, theory and practice. We eat 3 times a day, and yet the deep mechanisms escape us, these sessions will help you to become aware of your possibilities and reach significant goals in that respect.

Sophie d’Hooghe

Life coach & C.H.O.

Throughout the coaching process, the coach helps the coachee identify areas of blockage in the different aspects of life and explore the reasons behind these. He accompanies the coachee in the discovery and development of his values ​​and resources, allowing him to consider the different options to overcome the identified obstacles and develop his skills to live Happier.

This personal accompaniment takes place in a benevolent framework of non-judgment and confidentiality.

After 10 professional years in the world of NGOs and Finance, Sophie decided to put personal development at the center of her life, and trained as Chief Happiness Officer in Denmark (Woohoo Inc), then as Life Coach in Switzerland (IDC).
Her passion has since become her mission: to allow those she accompanies to develop their Happiness skills.

photo: Professional Coaching Arnaud Para

Arnaud Para

Professional Coach


Consultant in organization, Arnaud is at the heart of work  related improvements and decided to complement this with a professional coach certification (ACTP International Coach Federation). He accompanies those wishing to find a satisfactory and balanced position – Make your smart job again!
His passion is to help you be succesful – Make the right choices, define your best suited job, find the company and the position that’s right for you, improve your quality of life at work.

Each session allows you to identify a specific goal, understand a situation and your role, discover the resources you can use and build an action plan.
This personal accompaniment takes place in a benevolent environment, strictly confidential and filled with positive challenges!